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Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( M.I.T.)

M.I.T is a large, highly residential, research facility with a majority of enrollments in graduate and professional programs M.I.T. current and previous faculty has won eight Nobel Prizes M.I.T. More than one third of the United States’ manned spaceflights have included MIT-educated astronaut.

Project: W1 Building on the M.I.T. Campus Cambridge MA.

Scope: 80,000 sq ft of Student Housing

Requirement: Glue down vinyl & VCT requiring extensive floor preparation. The sub floor condition should be a hard, stable, and seamless surface to ensure the integrity of the vinyl. In addition, acoustical underlayment required to increase the Impact insulation classification (IIC) of the renovated floor/ceiling assembly.

Solution: Jumpax acoustical underlayment. A sound reducing, free floating, dry leveling, fast track floor preparation system by the Impacta division of All Noise Control.


W1 building is a 100+ year old building on the MIT campus in Cambridge MA used for student and staff housing. The building has recently been renovated starting with the old interior being completely gutted from top to bottom. Due to the age of the building, the condition of the structural floor/ceiling assembly, the amount of intense floor preparation and the need for a structure-born noise acoustical underlayment system, Jumpax was the perfect fit.

It is imperative when working on a prestigious project like MIT that all parties involved work closely together to insure a successful project. The MIT project was no exception; ANC worked very closely with Miller, Dyer, Spears Architects, Shawmut Design & Construction the General Contractor and provided onsite training and support to Contract Flooring the flooring contractor/installers. The result is a highly successful completion of the MIT project.


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