Soundeater Flooring Data

Soundeater is a sound reducing underlayment for nail down solid and semi-solid hardwood floors.

soundeater-dataSoundeater combines a specially designed tongue and groove impact absorbing soft board with a mating wooden profile. The profile is placed free from the substrate between the soft boards  every 10 1/2″. The top side of the profile will accept a 1 1/2″ flooring nail on a 45 degree angle through the 3/4″ hardwood without touching the sub floor. The result is a totally free floating hardwood floor.

Soundeater systems have been installed in condominiums, apartments, hotels and resorts in living areas. In addition, it has been installed in commercial and public buildings to prevent high- traffic passages on the floors above from intruding conference, office, and meeting areas.

Advantage of Using Soundeater

  • Some of the highest acoustic IIC ratings
  • Outstanding Floor Leveling up to 1/8”over 3ft up to 1/4″ over 10 foot span
  • Simplistic installation saving time & money various traditional floating raft systems
  • Natural cushioning reduces both impact & floor squeaks

Soundeater Acoustical Testing:

Soundeater ¾” nail down Harsoundeater-specsdwood over 27mm Soundeater over 6” slab
Rating 25 / IIC 53


Soundeater  ¾” nail down Hardwood over  27mm Soundeater over 1 ½” gypsum topping over 16” TJI – 24 centers RC1 channel – 1 layer 5/8 GWB. Rating: IC 56


Soundeater Floated Engineered Hardwood soundeater-specs3over  27mm Soundeater over 7.5” slab. Rating: FIIC 61


soundeater-specs4Soundeater ¾” nail down Hardwood over 27mm Soundeater over 3” Concrete Metal Deck RSIC‐DC04 supporting framed steel stud ceiling 2 layers of 5/8″ gypsum 3‐1/2” glass fiber insulation. Rating: FIIC 65 FSTC 69