RFU Data Sheet

RFU is a certified underlay system that has been internationally tested and proved to be the first in its kind to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. RFU has been tested on a concrete as well as on a wooden substrate.

The results showed an outstanding reduction of impact sound of 22 dB Δ Lw / 10 dB ΔLlin in combination with laminate as from 7 mm thick, according
to BS-EN-ISO 140-8 / 717-2. This improvement has been obtained on a concrete base floor with an affixed screed*.

With this result RFU is not only the ideal underlay system for parquet and laminate, it also guarantees a longer lifespan of both flooring types. RFU is fitted with a special VVP-layer that makes sure that while cutting, no fibers are separated from the panels. It also contributes to the outstanding sound reducing qualities.

RFU is made out of pure natural wood leavings from pine trees and can therefore be fully made into compost. The RFU panels have a natural color and provide, besides the already mentioned sound reduction, a perfect thermal insulation as well, and it provides outstanding leveling qualities of up to 3 mm for every kind of substrate.

RFU Soundproofing Benefits

  • Superior sound rating, IIC ratings for luxury condo’s & homes
  • Self Leveling, over 1/8″ per 3 feet, saving time & money
  • Thermal qualities, saves on heating & cooling costs
  • Stable top surface, simulates the feel of nail down hardwood using less expensive flooring material
  • Installation with floated methods
  • Unique product design increases the life of the finished floor
  • Moisture and mold resistant

Accessories for Installation

4 mil Poly Sheeting

Perimeter Isolation Foam

Waterproof Poly seam tape

Acoustical Sealant Caulk



Product Specificationredupax_closeup


3/8″ or 9mm thick

87 sf per package (50 lbs per package)

Sheet size 23 1/4″ x 33 7/8″ / 16 sheets per package

FSC certified compressed wood fiber, qualifies for Leed points

IIC ratings 55 to 60 on wood or concrete floor/ceiling assemblies


RFU Maintenance

Floor Maintenance As for daily cleaning and maintenance.

* Remove dust and sharp dirt regularly with dust wiper and/or vacuum cleaner.

* Remove stains with just a damp (well wringed) cleaning cloth.

* Always avoid the use of excessive water / moisture. Redupax will remain responsible for the performance / consistent quality of their Underlay Systems, as long as they have been installed according to the written instructions and only in situations where the specific ANC model is meant to be installed. The sound reducing capabilities of the Underlay Systems have been tested under laboratory conditions and therefore may differ in other situations. floor underlayment for floated laminate and engineered hardwood flooring. RFU has a thickness of 9 mm and a density of 13 lbs per cubic foot and offers true stability, acoustics and thermal qualities.