Acoustic Underlayment PCFU For under Concrete & Screed toppings

Acoustic Underlayment ProCurve are designed to reduce impact noise in the floor ceiling assembly. PCFU underlayments are crush resistant, durable and offer high acoustic performance under concrete, screed or plywood topping.

PCFU underlayment is available in standard thickness of 6mm, 8mm, and 17mm as well as custom thickness. PCFU are effective at controlling both airborne & impact noise and can handle traffic loads up to 1025 lbs per sq ft.

PCFU Screed Insulation Mats achieve an Impact sound reduction value of ΔLw = 18 to 26 dB

LEED Analysis

LEED Analysis wood fiber underlay systems

Recycled Content:
VSU, RFU, PAU product are comprised of FSC certified wood fiber under flooring

Applicable Credits:
LEED-NC MR 4.1 and MR 4.2
LEED-EB MR 2.1 – MR 2.5

Fabrication Location:

The extraction points for the materials in the Jumpax  are outside of the 500 mile radius.