HF300 Installation Instructions

HF300 Installation Product Detail









Prep Work

– Failure to follow installation instructions could result in voided warranty
– Floors should be permanently dry—moisture emissions not to exceed 3 lbs /1000 sf / per 24 hours
– If relative humidity is over 75%, product should not be installed
– Temperature needs to be no less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit

Concrete Slab

Inspect concrete sub floor for any open cracks and fill with high-grade epoxy filler. Remove any excess concrete lumps or residue that may interfere with the installation of the underlayment.
Note: The HF300 offers no leveling and care must be taken in floor preparation to avoid imperfections showing in the vinyl flooring.

Wood Floor

Sub floor should be properly sloped, structurally sound, level, and clean. Good grade plywood that does not exceed deflection of L/360 of span including live and dead loads should be used.

HF300 should be unrolled for 8 hours or ideally overnight prior to installation as product stretches slightly when rolled up due to the winding tensions.

Tools needed for installation

Utility Knife
Measuring tape
Straight edge
Acceptable Adhesives

Any solvent free acrylic emulsion adhesive used to adhere non-porous underlayment to the sub floor such as Apac 564 or Impacta T-700 bond coat. Always test area prior to full installation to insure transfer and bonding.

Installation Instructions

1.) Bond HF300 to the sub floor making sure to check for bonding & transfer.
2.) Lay the HF300 into the adhesive and flat trowel from the center outwards to remove all air bubbles and insure contact with the adhesive.
3.) Roll the HF300 using a 125 lb roller, from end to end and side to side to insure overall contact.
4.) Leave a 3mm gap around the entire perimeter to allow for expansion and contraction.
5.) Use a utility knife and a straight edge for cutting to size and insure that edges are butted tightly together.
6.) After 30 min, when floor has been completely covered, roll again to ensure contact is maintained.
7.)Do not apply loads on HF300 until adhesive has fully set.

Installation of Vinyl

1.) The vinyl flooring shall be bonded to the HF300 using an acrylic adhesive that is acceptable for dry setting installations over non-porous material, taking care to follow manufacturer’s written instructions.
2.) Allow the adhesive to cure before allowing foot traffic on it.

Product Detail


  1. Vinyl Floor Covering & Adhesive
  2. VC300 / 3mm underlay
  3. Adhesive*
  4. Concrete slab (self-leveling screed if required)




  • HF300 must be stored indoors at all times. At no times shall it be exposed to the elements.
  • HF300 must be kept dry, otherwise moisture will build up in the material and make bonding to the sub floor very difficult.
  • Moisture will also cause the material to curl and ripple on the edges.
  • HF300 needs to acclimatize for 24-48 hours in opened packages with a minimum temperature of 65 degrees.